Friday, June 02, 2006

It's (very quietly) official: Terror Poses No Real Threat

So why are we engaged in a Long War? Exactly who is the enemy? And who's kidding whom?

From the unique and indispensable
Rigorous Intuition (June 2nd 2006):

Remember, they only want you to think they're out of their minds.

And a lot of people will be inclined to think so all over again, now the Department of Homeland Security has cut anti-terror funding to New York City and Washington DC by 40%, and slashed in half New Orleans's grants for security and disaster preparedness on the day that hurricane season officially begins. (New York, according to the DHS risk assessment [pdf], boasts zero "national monuments and icons" and only four banking and finanacial assets.) Huge increases in DHS dollars were won by company towns such as Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina and Omaha, Nebraska.

Bizarre choices? Incompetent? Only if we mistake Chertoff's Homeland for the United States...

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