Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jared Ball talks to Dr. James Turner about the development of Africana Studies in the academy, and Black Consciousness, Black Arts Movement, the black student movement, and other matters in the struggle for social justice and against white supremacy in culture.

He reads from the Institute for the Black World pamphlet by Lenore Bennet:

It is necessary for us to develop new frames of reference which transcend the limits of white concepts. It is necessary for us to develop and maintain a total intellectual offensive against the false universality of white concepts, whether they are expressed by William Styron or Daniel Patrick Moynihan. By and large reality has been conceptualized in terms of narrow points of view of the small minority of white men who live in Europe and North America. We must abandon the partial frames of references of our oppressor and create new concepts which will release our reality, the reality of the overwhelming majority of men and women on the globe. We must say to the white world that there are things in this world that are not dreamt of in your history, in your sociology, in your philosophy.

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