Sunday, December 12, 2010

Beyond provocateurs: masked thugs attacking students in the Parliament Square kettle

The last half-minute of this PressTV video includes brief footage of "a group of about 20 unidentified youths", masked with balaclavas, who were allowed to move through the kettled protestors in Parliament Square, "inexplicably attacking students".

When the reporter tries to investigate, they respond by attacking him and his cameraman, "within view of the police, who failed to intervene":

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  1. comment from Lenin's Tomb:

    "Someone Who Was There

    I was at the protest, and saw this lot.

    They aren't EDL, a few of them were non-white. They *were* a nasty bunch of thugs, who seemed to spend most of their time attacking other protesters. With my own eyes I saw them:

    - Smash a telephone box with someone sitting on-top of it, then attack someone who was filming it. When she told them to fuck off, she was filming the police; they mockingly replied "fuck off".

    - In a dispute over something which was unclear to me, bash another protester in the face with a lump of metal.

    - Try and wrestle a genuine black blocers shield from her. She refused to let him, successfully staring him down. Another BB came over and asked the man (who seemed to be a leader of some kind) what the hell he was doing. About a minute of aggro resulted, with the WTF-he-was shouting "Why you acting like a big man?" in the genuine protesters face.

    There was definitely a tiny but tightly knit group of the nasty buggers. Wore Christmas hats and balaclavas. Fucking odd, very worrying. I saw them move towards the police at one stage along Whitehall, but not get stuck in. I am uncertain if I'd go so far as to say they were probably police infiltrators, but they were certainly doing a good jobs of helping at the cops (whether that was their plan or not)."