Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Terror and Joy


  1. Wonderful. Phenomenal.

    Thank you.

    - w.

  2. He's so great. But isn't it a bit disturbing that the audience's only erruption of wild cheers was to his questioning whether "anythging this President does merits the adverbial form of 'to deliberate'" - the shrieks of affirmation at this really speak of anxiety, so much delight to greet this reassurance that the lab rat analogy doesn't really fit, that there is no lab, no scientists, nobody benefitting from caging and tortmenting us rats.

  3. he's just making the irresistible joke,a throwaway, the small but necessary satisfaction of continual expressions of contempt, which on the plane of analysis doesn't even really cohere with his whole speech, but the audience response is really remarkable, suggesting they are really not prepared to hear the speech, but really are transforming and customising as they consume it, to imbibe it as reassurance.