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  1. wow that was really funny and also kinda scawee.

  2. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Scawee? How about this:

    or this:

  3. Florian Geyer9:59 AM


    Kanonisierung der Märtyrer von Den Haag
    Bewerben können sich alle Personen serbischer Nationalität, die unschuldig im Den Haager Kerker dahinsiechen, nur weil sie Angehörige andersgläubiger Stämme aus dem Weg geräumt haben, die sich fälschlicherweise als unbewaffnete Zivilisten, Frauen, Kinder, Alte oder Kriegsgefangene ausgaben.
    Die Bewerber sollten nach Möglichkeit eigenhändige Erfahrung mitbringen, wobei auch Kommandoverantwortung nicht zu verachten ist. Personen, die in irgendeiner Form zur Entstehung von Massengräbern beigetragen haben (sei es durch kreative Lösungsansätze, logistische Unterstützung oder ausführende Arbeiten), sowie Beteiligte an Kühltransporten von Leichen überspringen die erste Stufe des Auswahlverfahrens.
    Bevorzugt werden Bewerber, denen die Ehre zuteil wurde, vor ihrer mehr oder weniger freiwilligen Reise in den Haager Kerker von seiner Teuflichkeit, Patriarch Pavle offiziell empfangen und gesegnet worden zu sein. Berücksichtigt werden auch Segnungen durch rangniedrigere Bedienstete des Serbisch-Orthodoxen Geheimdienstes, jedoch mit geringerer Punktezahl.
    Nicht zugelassen sind Bewerber, die sich zu Tode fasteten und überlebten. Denn über ihren Häuptern schwebt bereits ein Heiligenschein.
    Nicht zugelassen ist weiterhin, wer im Kerker des serbischen Volkes auf tragische Weise gestorben ist und für den Glauben, den Stamm und für Blut und Boden sein Leben gelassen hat. Nach kanonischem Recht wurden sie bereits automatisch in die Reihe der Heiligen aufgenommen, und singen im maskierten Engelchor, aufgestellt in Reih und Glied, Kampfeshymnen für den serbischen Kriegsgott Marsenije.
    Bitte schicken Sie Ihren Lebenslauf und ein Portfolio (VHS-Aufnahmen von Exekutionen; Fotografien von Ermordungen, Brandstiftungen und Vergewaltigungen; Tonaufnahmen von Peinigungen; Ohrsammlungen und andere Souvenirs...) an folgende Adresse: Scheinheilige Bischofssynode des Serbisch-Orthodoxen Geheimdienstes, Goldenes-Kalb-Str. 666, Mordor, Hinterste Poststelle: Himmlisches Serbien.

  4. Arundhati Roy:

    "We passed the house of the Superintendent of Police (SP), which I recognised from my last visit. He was a candid man, the SP: “See Ma’am, frankly speaking this problem can’t be solved by us police or military. The problem with these tribals is they don’t understand greed. Unless they become greedy, there’s no hope for us. I have told my boss, remove the force and instead put a TV in every home. Everything will be automatically sorted out.”

  5. "remove the force and instead put a TV in every home."


    have you seen Up in The Air? there is this face-face-face gimmick that I posted about earlier except the talking heads are fired employees. It's really astonishing, to see how this trope leads here to this parade of faces, whose very common interests, similarity despite uniqueness, that would and should be the basis of solidarity, become the spectacular structure that seperates and isolates them, holds them in suspension for competition as the only imaginable relationship. this gimmick always, but very evidently in this movie, puts on display the process by which spectacle destroys/prevents/undermines/makes unintelligble solidarity and collectivity. It's fascinating.

    And here's the "reality" version


    There are two million people in Macedonia and four hundred thousand facebook profiles.

  6. Complaisant Person7:06 PM

    wow that was really funny and also kinda scawee.

    Hi arpege, didja miss me? I thought it was funny too, I have never felt like I was in a true Multiplex Sensurround All Previews all the Time quite like this, then we'd get the SloMo, thank god they didn't leave that out. I love that 'I'm going to use the Native American Metaphor' against the 'American Military Metaphor', because it sounded just like 'blog-on-film', and all the Facebook talk like you and traxus do. Okay, I see I gotta watch the 'reality version'. I still haven't watched Anodyne's Lesbian films, I think I don't like to watch clips that much. Also 'Beloved Actor' was hilarious.

  7. Kostas Axelos6:43 AM

    There are two million people in Macedonia and four hundred thousand facebook profiles.

    That country is called FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia), NOT 'Macedonia'!

    Battons-nous pour defendre notre terre, notre honneur, et notre identite!

  8. Shimon bar Yochai1:52 PM

    Isaiah Berlin - Final Lecture on the Roots of Romanticism 1/7

  9. Complaisant Person12:28 PM

    Musically, Susan Boyle's 'glorious audition', has the multiplex-preview sound. She starts each new phrase as if she's re-beginning the whole song, none of the them connected one to the next. By now, that's even a degradation from the song itself, which was already climaxes and multiple instant-gratifications one after the other. But the Les Miserables music is exactly like the previews in multiplexes you hear all the time now at high volume, it's 'charged' for a constant buzz, that may be the Reality TV sound as it's degenerated even over the last few years. I didn't hear Jennifer Hudson on American Idol, but in 'Dreamgirls' (which is pretty awful), she did phrase and sing well. This is pretty much freak show to me.

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  11. Complaisant Person6:53 PM

    Arpege, is this a correct use of 'replete'? We are sorry to be off-topic:

    "Given the flurry of writing today it’s probably fairly evident that I’m trying to avoid grading. Despite my antipathy to Kant and transcendental idealism, I do find his thought endlessly fascinating and replete with brilliant and devious arguments."

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  12. Complaisant Person6:55 PM

    That is better than 'redolent', isn't it?

  13. Drumont5:18 PM

    *****louis proyect*****

    Worst European massacre since the end of WWII?

    In news coverage of the arrest of Radovan Karadzic, there are constant references to the 8,000 dead at Srebrenica as the greatest massacre in Europe since WWII. For example, an article that appeared in the July 22nd Independent starts off:

    The massacre of around 8,000 Muslims in Srebrenica in July 1995 stands out as the worst carnage of the Bosnian war and the largest mass murder in Europe since the Second World War.

    As an amateur historian, my curiosity was piqued. Was this really true? As it turns out, this very region was the scene of a far bloodier massacre that occurred in the town of Bleiburg in May 1945, just after the formal end of WWII. Bleiburg was on the border between Austria and Slovenia and a hub for Croatian Nazi collaborators, mostly Ustashe members. There were 30,000 POW’s who would be joined by another 60,000 Croats fleeing Tito’s advancing Partisans. Many of these were civilians who had absolutely no record of working with the Nazis.

    When the Partisans reached Bleiburg, they wreaked bloody vengeance on the refugees, even though Tito himself was a Croat. As indicated from the wiki entry on Bleiberg, there are varying estimates of the casualty figures by respected historians but even the lowest estimate far exceeds whatever happened at Srebrenica.

    For example, Croatian historian Vladimir Žerjavić estimates the numbers killed during the Bleiburg massacre at between 45,000 and 55,000 while British journalist Misha Glenny came up with the figure of 50,000 soldiers and 30,000 civilians executed.


  14. Drumont5:48 PM


    "After being overrun by a Nazi blitzkrieg, the Serbs found themselves at the mercy of the Nazis' Croat puppet regime, the Ustashe, who killed over a million people in death camps so horrible they repelled even the SS."

    In 1941, the Nazi puppet state of Croatia wanted to solve the Serb Question once and for all... not by mass expulsions, but by extermination. Out of 6.3 million people in the new Croat state, there were 1.9 million Serbs. Official documents show that the Ustashe government planned to exterminate or convert every one of them. Within weeks after the Nazi takeover, Croats set to massacring Serbs in a variety of ways, including a documented favorite trick: throwing Serb mothers with their children off cliffs, by the hundreds. By mid-1941, even the Germans started complaining. Here is a quote from an SS report: "The Ustashe units have carried out their atrocities not only against male Orthodox of military age, but in particular in the most bestial fashion against unarmed old men, women and children..." The Croats set up several concentration camps, including the infamous Jasenovac death camp, which is to Serbs what Auschwitz is to Jews. This camp is notorious not just because hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies were killed there (Serbs claim a million Serbs were killed at Jasenovac), but because of the way they were killed: butchered with knives, like pigs. In all, the Serbs are said to have lost some one million people just to Croat death camps and massacres.

    Croatian Nazis - The Worst Monsters The World Had Known

    Croatian Nazis today !!!


  15. Drumont8:09 AM


    "National Socialism is the German Left!"
    --Goebbels, Der Angriff, 1931

  16. Drumont9:43 AM

    „Das Geld ist der eifrige Gott Israels, vor welchem kein anderer Gott bestehen darf." - Karl Marx, Zur Judenfrage, 1843