Sunday, October 18, 2009

"All This Anger Against the Rich May Be Unhealthy"

The line from my last column that prompted the most responses was about how the wealthy weren’t sleeping well either. The vitriol in the e-mail showed just how deep the anger against the rich is.

Yet put simply, this is not healthy. After all, if you’re wealthy and no one likes you, you still have lots of money. But if you spend your free time obsessing about the rich, you could end up in worse shape emotionally, personally and financially.

“People who get caught up in this paranoia spend all night reading these blogs, and six months later they haven’t done anything to better themselves,” Dr. Dammann said. “Even if they’re right, there is a lot of wasted energy put into this. They need to look at the mistakes they’ve made in their life.”


  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    It's Freddie's Brain Tumor writing for the Times. But without the exclamation points, histrionic outbursts, smattering of French, and hokey old junker vocab, it doesn't seem to reek of radical intellectual daring and genius in quite the same way.

  2. It's not unhealthy at all. It's invigorating and politically enhancing. Besides, it doesn't take up that much of anyone's time. Waddya want us to do - applaud them as they pass by in their Bentlies or sommart? What are you some sort of lacky of the bourgeois order you capitalist running dog, you spittle trickling down the unacceptable face of capitalism.....There I feel much better.