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Sorry about the screaming all-caps, but this is an emergency:

January First: Notes from Calalini

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Michael Schofield is killing his six-year-old daughter slowly and doesn't even realise it. It is obvious that he himself desperately needs help. He is getting none. And his child is being martyred while he blogs about it.

We tried everything. Positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement. Hitting her back (I won't tell you how many people told us that all she needed was a good beating). We took all her toys away. We gave her toys away. We tried starving her. We did EVERYTHING we could to try and break her. Nothing worked.

It goes on like that forever. And it gets worse, much worse.

Worst of all, he is being assisted in his efforts by the grotesque US psychiatric profession and praised incessantly in the US media. This brutally sanctimonious claptrap appeared in the LA TImes on June 29th:

Jani's at the mercy of her mind

She is in fact at the mercy of her father and the quacks and the hacks. The diagnosis of "schizophrenia" (sic) is a sick joke.

At his blog and all over the web, comments boxes are filling up with messages of fawning, awe-struck admiration and support - for him, not for his helpless kid.

Urgent request: Does anyone one know anyone in the LA area (or elsewhere) who could intervene effectively to help this child?

She is one of millions, but her current prominence makes her a kind of test-case. She is being put through hell as we speak.

Thank you.


  1. Well, his daughter now appears to be in the mental health system having her brain fried with Clozaril, so the chances of the poor sod personally beating her to death are reduced. It is deeply wierd that he chose to publicise what would seem to be a straightforward case of torturing and abusing a child in great mental distress - which I naively suppose might have contributed to the development of schizophrenia. Maybe it is normal in some households to treat mental distress as a disciplinary issue that requires one to 'break' the child's will, I don't know.

    This is disturbing on too many levels to enumerate.

  2. lenin, thanks for a very quick and sane response. Do you feel like blogging about this? Do you know any American bloggers who might?

    The guy is becoming a national hero, and I'm not exaggerating. This brutally sanctimonious claptrap appeared in the LA Times on June 29th:

    'Jani's at the mercy of her mind',0,4834892.story?page=4

    There must be hundreds of thousands like her, if not millions.

    That blog is the sickest and most disturbing thing I have read in recent years. Not least because it's so symptomatic of the US today. And because it's happening live.

    - a klippot (rushing here, gonna have to be out all day)

  3. There is no reason or justification for Jani's parents getting away with child abuse.

    The guy is a professor of English at California State University at Northridge, and he has gotten away with abusing and starving his child before psych meds. The use of drugs in children is unquestionably wrong, the drugs are not proven safe for use in child's brains and bodies, is a discussion that stands alone.

    Now that I read Schofield's admission of beating Jani, it's an entirely new discussion, this man needs to be arrested.

    I write a mental health blog, and have written about Jani.

    Stephany, author of soulful sepulcher

  4. This doesn't say much for the mental health system in the US. It's extraordinary that a child anywhere near this age could be diagnosed as psychotic or schiziphrenic, much less subject to a regimen of abuse and dopings.

  5. Anonymous10:38 AM

    You need to read this

    The commenter "Herb" has a past that is less than desirable on the Internet and is a topic all of his own, the commenter over at the Jani parent blog.

    Herb Stein, has a "mystery wife", he is a salesman for VNS depression device and has been banned from so many forums (includiing Furious Seasons blog) because of his vicious attacks on others. He has gone into Jani's blog buttering them up with his fake BS and mark my words he will attack others there. Ive been a victim of his attacks for years and he shows up where comment sections are not moderated.

    He is a dangerous commenter over at Jani's blog, because he will promote anything the parents want to do to that child.

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    Jani Schofield 7 yrs old SZ dx on Oprah with her parents

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  10. Dear Qlipoth:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I'm unpleasantly dumbfounded that the more this horrific travesty develops legs; the more the main stream media and powers that be bury their heads in the sand.

    I was actually surprised to find that any of your comments were still up at his blog. Though I'm fairly sure they will not be there for long.

    I have actually followed the thread over at for a while. I personally thought it was best to stay out of the fray and let the conversation develop into a logical debate that came to its own conclusions.

    I fear through the manipulation by main stream media, the majority of the public will never get to see all the facts/truth in this situation.

    They will unfortunately take Oprah's and the LA Times propaganda verbatim; while never thinking to question beyond what they have been presented with all nicely gift wrapped and washed clean.

    Harpo Productions and thier research team were well aware of M. Schofield's Blog and shocking admissions well in advance of this aired show.

    They have visited this site and others related to this story leading up to the taping of the show. But as with the LA Times; (choosing to do follow up story's that never come close the mentioning the admitted abuse and violence portrayed by MS so vividly). Oprah also made a conscious choice not to ask about the abuse that would put this rare concrete diagnosis under scrutiny.

    Now this just opens up Pandora's Box to why there appears to be this huge cover up to protect the public from a disturbing truth?