Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lesson 1

Threatened Glasgow schools occupied by parents

Submitted by afraser on Apr 3 2009

Parents have seized control of the closure threatened Wyndford Primary and St. Gregory's Primary Wyndford in the Maryhill area of Glasgow.

School occupations of Wyndford Primary and St. Gregory's Primary Wyndford both now running through the night.

Both schools are threatened with closure by Glasgow City Council.

An originally tense situation with police - who had threatened to storm the buildings around 6pm - has been resolved through negotiation, and the peaceful protests are being allowed to continue unharmed.

A rally in support of both schools to be held outside the school buildings (which adjoin each other) at 12 noon on Saturday 4th April.

Messages supporting the parents have been coming in from across Europe, including from the Dundee workers carrying out the Prisme Packaging factory occupation.

Heres some background from Resistance:

Plans hatched by Glasgow City Council to close 25 primary schools and nurseries have been met with fury by both parents and the wider Glasgow community. Reaction to these plans have seen thousands-strong demonstrations, roof top occupations and lock-ins as parents and the community make their anger heard.

Despite the city council, over recent years, selling off its social housing stock and passing common good property such as libraries, museums and sports facilities to private concerns, they still seem to have managed to spend £6,000,000 over-budget. Due to the council displaying the financial acumen of a jakey on giro day* they now claim that it's the city's children, and by extension its future, that has to suffer.


*The Anarchist Federation would like to apologise to Glasgow's colourful street drinking community for implying association with the city cooncil.

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