Wednesday, October 29, 2008



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  2. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I'm flummoxed. But it's creepy all right, like a Jeff Koons exhibition or a child's nightmare.

    The shadow of the Coke bottle on the tall building is certainly reminiscent of another black silhouette. At any rate, it's clearly OK now to make ads featuring giant objects crashing into skyscrapers in (?) downtown Manhattan.

    What's the message, though? "Don't worry! What's taking over your city might look terrifying, but it's really soft and squidgy, and it tastes great!"

    Coke trunps 'Al Qaeda', whose stocks are now in free fall.


  3. i see bubble!

    floating up a vertical social hierarchy....

    but w, you're not a merikan so i'l explain a bit -

    it was a superbowl ad. merikan football.

    charlie brown in peanuts: now lucy is always tormenting charlie brown, because she is holding the ball for him to placekick and she always pulls it away so he falls on his back.

    so the whole thing is a football play of a sort. the coke bottle float is a football. one float is "underdog", the underdog; the other is another cartoon character i don't get why he is chosen. they eye eachother as if on the line of scrimmage. the coke then is airborn, like a forward pass. (there's some basic elements, the snap and pass, missing). then they are like wide receiver (offense) and cornerback (defence) going after the ball in the air. like you'd see in slomo. then out of nowhere appears charlie brown to make the catch. on the ground, watching, in the park, is a little girl in blue velvet, holding a football. odd for her to be dressed so elegantly and holding a football, but she is Lucy, who wears blue, and often holds the football she has snatched away to make charlie brown fall.

    anyway that's the conceit, for the superbowl.

    but its stretching, pretty odd ad! to me it just says bubble bubble bubble! and the rich couple in their park avenue southish and the guy in the penthouse gym seem sort of precarious there, with these big ridiculous brand floats out the window.


    bubbles, death leaps