Tuesday, July 03, 2007

For Lenin's Tomb: 9/11 and "the territory of the aggressor"

Andreas Hauss writes:

In a Spin: the German Federal Constitutional Court

Dear Reader,

Germany's highest court has just passed down its ruling on the deployment of German Tornado jets abroad [it's permitted]. But what on earth do they mean by "the territory of the aggressor" ? Hm? The USA? Germany? Iraq? Or even... Afghanistan?

Yes, indeed: Afghanistan! We are defending ourselves. Afghanistan was the aggressor - and is, it seems, still aggressing away right now.

A tornado can easily knock some screws loose.

The Tale of Evil Osama, who attacked NATO from his cave in Tora Bora on September 11th, has still never been proven to be true; and it is now providing the basis for an unacceptable legal ruling.

TWO purely political consequences:

1. The left is going to have to address the issue of 9/11, whether it wants to or not.

2. When NATO's contractual and legal foundations can be twisted to suit any purpose, by means of garbled Arabian Nights fairy tales and plain lies, then Germany must leave NATO. (The Original Sin was Yugoslavia in 1999.)

Anyone who accepts lies as the implicit basis of a transaction will eventually be dragged across the desk and led by the nose round a circus ring. The left must, finally, grow up.

-- by Andreas Hauss at medienanalyse-international.de (Freely translated from the German.)


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