Friday, March 09, 2007

Baudrillard's Will... not! He died intestate. The question on everyone's mind: who inherits?

The Progressive Liberals? (The Retort Collective)?

The Maoist Platonic Lacanians? (Mehdi Belhaj Kacem)?

The Orthodox Marxists? (Jonathan Beller)?

The Venture Capitalists? (Seth Goldstein & Lew Ranieri)?


  1. dejan5:10 AM

    i am voting for Orthodox Marxists to share the profits with Maoist Lacanians!

  2. yes we should be able to come to an arrangement without litigation.

  3. I can imagine those verso books with KOTSKO on the front in exotic white letters or maybe ANNA SUI...

    ...but Beller, though he might be very clever is so NOT an orthadox marxist

    thats all

    have a good evening