Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Iraq? Everything's going swimmingly.

On 'chaos' as policy: two posts by Jeff Wells:

1. January 16th 2007: It was evident even before the invasion that the war's intention included making a failed state of Iraq. That that's not yet conventional wisdom shows just how much too many still want to believe bad policy is made in good faith.

2. May 2nd 2005: Civil War? Let's put it this way: do you believe the idealogues of invasion ever intended to leave Iraq a strong, united country? Its atomization into impotent, submissive bantustans has been on the neoconservative agenda nearly as long as there have been neoconservatives.

Why won't the Democrats impeach Bush and Cheney? Beacuse they're still useful for something. Exactly what that is, we have yet to see. But no doubt we will, sometime before November 4th 2008.

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