Tuesday, January 31, 2006

July 1921

That which the Nation has feared since the start of the month is now a fait accompli. The League of Nations has ratified in principle a Mandate over Palestine, and the Great Powers have obtained what they desired, against all right, taking account of nothing but their own material interests.

The Executive Committee of the Palestinian Congress had made known through a manifesto that the decision these Great Powers have taken which would be contrary to the rights of the Palestinian Nation would do nothing but augment our attachment to those rights, from which we will not stir a hair's breadth, and to our national claims, which are the defence of our moral patrimony, of our properties, and of our individual liberties as well as our national existence.

This same Committee assures you now, again today, of this same attachment and publicly expresses its categorical refusal to accept the imposition of any Mandate imposed upon the Palestinian nation. We are determined to continue the political battle with improved organization, andwith a passion and a will even more firm than before. The Committee takes its decision knowing that it is supported by the Nation, of which the patriotic sentiments are manifest in everything that is most beautiful and pure, in all the classes of society, men as well as women and children, inherited from our fathers.

Every member of this Nation feels, individually, to the very bottom of his heart, a horror of leading a life of shame and abjection.

The Zionist organizations in agreement with the British government have deployed all their efforts with a view to seeing the Mandate over Palestine ratified as quickly as possible, thinking to weaken, divide and even kill any nationalist movement and to avail itself of our discord.

It is for the Nation to show the world the error these organizations have made in this, by reaffirming our solidarity and unity, by organizing, and by steeling our will to self-defence.


No danger, no Zionist base, not even the Mandate can be applied against out will while national feeling beats in our hearts and while the goal of each of us is the jealous protection of the public interest.

With faith in God, we march onward.

Long Live Arab Palestine, free and autonomous.

- Fourth Arab Congress, July 1921

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